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If you are worried about the effects of dry mouth on your smile, consider using a saliva building product in your mouth. Ideally, you should always focus on products such as chewing gum to help with your oral health care. This is because chewing gum can help produce additional saliva in your mouth. Not only will the saliva wash away food debris, but it will also neutralize acids and provide disease-fighting substances throughout your mouth.

To enhance your oral health care, chewing gum can prove to be effective for the treatment of heartburn. Heartburn typically arises as stomach acids that travel up your esophagus and into your mouth. If left untreated, these harmful acids will slowly deteriorate and decay your teeth and gums. However, the presence of saliva posed by chewing gum help eliminate these acids

Due to the fact that harmful acids in your mouth are associated with tooth sensitivity and abrasion after eating, you should typically avoid brushing at this time. This is because chewing gum proves to be most effective because it can still keep your mouth clean during this crucial time without being too abrasive on your teeth. However, it is important to always use sugar-free gum, as gum with sugar can lead to additional oral health problems.

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