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Have you ever heard that you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss your teeth at least once a day when you visit the dentist? If so, do you know why you’ve heard that brushing and flossing are important? In reality, one of the most important reasons to clean your teeth is to avoid plaque buildup.

While brushing is very important, did you know that you should remove as much plaque and bacteria as possible? Please understand: you will not be able to stop plaque from forming no matter what you do. Fortunately, you can brush the plaque away before it can do any damage to your teeth.

If you don’t get rid of plaque fast enough, it will harden into tartar. While you can remove plaque with a toothbrush and floss, you won’t be able to remove tartar with the same tools. In fact, it is only safe to get tartar removed by a dental professional. If plaque and tartar are not removed fast enough, it may eventually lead to gum disease and other dental issues.

You can usually treat the first stage of gum disease just by brushing and flossing consistently. More severe gum disease may need to be addressed with a deeper cleaning. We also will treat your teeth with a fluoride treatment, which strengthens and protects your teeth. This treatment may also help you avoid problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

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