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Did you know that different types of mouthwash you use can have different effects on your teeth and gums? Whether you’re are looking to freshen your breath or whiten your teeth, there may be a mouthwash that can assist you. Listed below are some frequently asked questions about mouthwash:

Question: What types of mouthwash are best?
– The best types of mouthwash are always the ones that have been approved or recommended by your dentist or those that feature the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association. Depending on what your oral health needs are can change which mouthwash will suit you best.

Question: Can mouthwash fight off tooth decay?
– Yes, it can fight off tooth decay, although some products work better than others. Although the primary goal of mouthwash tends to be to freshen breath, many products are beginning to add cavity-fighting ingredients such as fluoride to their product. Using mouthwash after meals can also help to wash away and neutralize the effects of harmful acids on your tooth enamel.

Question: Can mouthwash brighten teeth?
– Yes, some brands of mouthwash are capable of whitening teeth, thanks to added substances into the products. Read the label and consult with your dentist to make sure your mouthwash will suit your needs.

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