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Wearing dentures can be a huge adjustment for many people. If you’ve been fitted for false teeth just recently, don’t worry; the staff at Creative Smiles Dental Care in Brockton, Massachusetts, has amassed this post for you to help you as you ease into this transition.

If you are new to wearing false teeth, we might suggest or prescribe some meds for you to take. During the first couple of weeks of wearing dentures, your mouth might need to adapt to the change; painkillers could be suitable during this time, depending on the suggestion of Dr. Purvesh Malaviya. Other meds they may prescribe include antifungal agents and oral wash for ensuring that your mouth and dentures are clean.

While most people don’t think of false teeth and surgery together, the truth is that every now and then surgery is needed to fit patients for dentures. If your remaining pearly whites are in poor condition, we will extricate them to make way for the false teeth. They may also do surgical procedures to lessen bone tissue and soft gum tissue if they would interfere with the function of the false teeth. Other denture-related surgeries include aveloplasties, vestibular operations and oral implanting, all to prepare the oral cavity to receive false teeth.

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