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Keeping your smile safe includes not only brushing and flossing on a daily basis, but also making sure to visit your dentist for routine examinations, and assisting all lifestyle choices to ensure your wrist below accidents and injuries remains minimal. By establishing an effective Dental damage prevention plan, you can give your smile a much greater chance of success for a future smile you can be proud of. Here are a few helpful tips to remember:

Tobacco and Drugs: Using tobacco and drugs can severely damage your smile. Avoid these bad habits as much as possible as they can lead to health risks such as stained teeth, bad breath, tooth loss, infections, and cancer.

Sports: If you are involved in any sports it is important to use the necessary oral appliances and safety equipment. This includes helmets, face masks, and mouth guards. This is because sports, particularly contact sports, are known for causing blunt trauma. A single blow to the face can destroy your smile, so it is important to wear appropriate safety gear.

Wisdom teeth: Due to the risks associated with the last of your adult teeth growing in, it is important to understand the risk factors of wisdom teeth. In many situations, they can grow in incorrectly or not fully grow in at all. This can lead to an increased risk of infections, tooth decay, and malocclusions.

Mouth Jewelry: Mouth jewelry, such as lip and tongue rings, are severely hazardous to your health because they can easily lead to dental damage. Not only can they cause nerve damage and chip and crack teeth, but they are known causes of inflammation and infections.

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