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Sensitivity in your teeth can cause sharp pain whenever you try to enjoy your favorite cold or hot holiday drink or a sweet homemade treat. Not only is this disruptive to your plans to enjoy the festivities, it can be a symptom of a significant dental problem that a sensitivity toothpaste would only mask. We encourage you to make time to visit the dentist if you have developed tooth sensitivity so that the problem can be treated at the source.

Perhaps the most common cause of tooth sensitivity is cavities that have penetrated or exposed the internal tooth structures, altering the texture of your teeth and making them more sensitive and vulnerable.

Depending on the location and extent of your tooth decay, our dentist may need to place a dental filling or dental crown on the compromised tooth. We encourage you to not delay a dental exam until after the holidays because cavities only continue to grow and can result in a dental or gum infection that kills the tooth.

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