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How much do you know about dental sealants in Brockton, Massachusetts? We offer some dental sealant FAQs–test your knowledge with the answers we provide!

Q: What are dental sealants?
A: Dental sealants are a clear or tooth-colored barrier made of plastic that we paint onto the chewing surfaces of teeth to protect your smile from decay.

Q: Which teeth receive dental sealants?
A: Sealants are intended for premolars and molars because these back teeth often have pits and fissures that make them difficult to clean, and therefore more vulnerable to tooth decay.

Q: Who can receive a dental sealant?
A: Any patient can receive a dental sealant, but children are the most common recipients because their premolars and molars are more likely to develop cavities.

Q: How are dental sealants applied?
A: Our team will clean and dry the tooth before applying an acidic solution that roughens the chewing surface so that the sealant can bond easily with the tooth enamel. After cleaning and drying the teeth again, we will paint on the sealant material and harden it with a special dental light.

Q: Does receiving dental sealants hurt?
A: No, you should not experience any discomfort from receiving a dental sealant.

Q: How long does the application process take?
A: Applying a dental sealant only lasts a few minutes.

Q: Are dental sealants very noticeable?
A: No, the material is usually tooth colored or clear.

Q: Are dental sealants expensive?
A: No, they are typically inexpensive and may be covered by insurance.

Q: How long do dental sealants last?
A: Dental sealants can last for several years. At every dental checkup, we will examine your sealants for signs of wear.

Q: Do I still need to brush and floss my teeth?
A: Yes. Even though sealants help reduce the risk of decay, they don’t cover every part of your smile.

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