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It’s important to have a top-notch oral hygiene team if you want a top-notch oral health and smile. When we say oral hygiene team, we mean a team of tools that help you clean your teeth and gums, like a toothbrush. Now, to help you choose the proper tools, our dentist, Dr. Purvesh Malaviya, is happy to give you some recommendations.

-Toothbrush: The toothbrush is your No. 1 player. It can thoroughly clean the teeth by removing the food particles and bacteria that cling to them. It’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush with round-ended bristles that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

-Toothpaste: The toothpaste is a well-rounded player that offers offensive and defensive talent. It cleans the smile and removes enamel stains. It also strengthens your tooth enamel and even helps with sensitivity. No matter which paste you use, make sure it has fluoride toothpaste as well as the ADA stamp of approval.

-Floss: The floss is your key defensive player. It cleans the crevices between the teeth and removes plaque and bacteria. This saves the smile from tooth decay and gum disease, which are two serious dental issues that can destroy your teeth and gums. All you need to do is use your favorite flossing product that has been approved by the ADA.

For more information and details about the players to recruit for your oral hygiene team in Brockton, Massachusetts, please contact Creative Smiles Dental Care at 508-588-1400 and talk to a member of our dental team. The more you know, the better, and we’re happy to help you!