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Accidents happen, and when they do, knowing what to do will alleviate a lot of anxiety and worry. Read today’s post about first aid for a chipped tooth, including when to see your dentist for further treatment.

A chipped tooth can be the result of simply eating something quite hard, opening packages with your teeth, or from an impact of some sort, such as with an object. At Creative Smiles Dental Care, we care about not just maintaining your smile, but ensuring that if accidents happen, we can take care of them promptly, if needed. You should call the doctor immediately after you chip a tooth; however, until you can get into to see Dr. Malaviya or Dr. Sarhara, there are some things you can do in the meantime.

To reduce pain and swelling, your dentist may suggest taking an anti-inflammatory and rinsing your mouth with warm water, to help remove food particles that can get stuck in the jagged edges of a cracked tooth. A mouthwash may also help keep your teeth clean, if the tooth is sensitive to brushing. If you are in more than normal pain, the dentist may recommend using an ice pack, covered with a cloth. This can help decrease pain and swelling, without irritating the nerve.

When you do get to see us, there are a number of restorative procedures to consider, including:

– Bonding
– Veneers
– Crowns
– Dental Implants

A chipped tooth is a common emergency issue, and can be fixed, depending on your situation. Call us for more information on first aid for a chipped tooth in Brockton, Massachusetts, at 508-588-1400.