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Oral trauma, such as a hard blow to the face during sports, can sometimes carry significant force to knock a tooth out of its socket. This is even more likely to occur if you fail to use a mouthguard at the required times. When this happens, some of the tooth often lingers in the socket or the tooth breaks off around the gumline.

If enough of the root remains intact and the socket hasn’t been damaged, Dr. Purvesh Malaviya might be able to treat the problem and restore the tooth at his Brockton, Massachusetts, endodontic clinic. This typically calls for performing a root canal. This will rebuild the missing structure within the tooth by using a special dental material known as gutta percha.

Once this phase of treatment is completed, there will be pillar in the original socket that is called an abutment. Eventually, it will anchor a dental crown.

Dr. Purvesh Malaviya will then take a detailed impression of the abutment before protecting it with a temporary crown. Your endodontist might also prescribe some pain management medication to help you remain comfortable while your gums heal.

Once the crown has been completed at the dental lab, you will need to come back in for a follow-up appointment to have it cemented in place. With this completed, your newly restored tooth should last you for many years to come.

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